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Exclusive Deal for Clean Meals Subscription (Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Door within Ontario, Canada)

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I’m excited to share an exclusive Cooking with Alison discount code for! Clean Meals is a subscription service that delivers fresh, healthy, and pre-cooked, meals from Ottawa to Windsor, Ontario. (Service to Quebec is in the works!) The menu changes every week and they work for dietary restrictions (e.g. vegan, halal, etc.). This is the perfect gift for someone that has just had a baby, someone that’s too busy to cook, people with difficulties getting groceries and/or cooking, and whole families that want to live well. The individual meals contain a protein (vegan options available) and at least one side (e.g. vegetables, rice, whole-wheat grains). They come vacuum sealed and just need to be microwaved for a minute and a half before eating/serving. The meals are full of fibre, so if you eat mindfully, they are definitely filling.

Clean Meals has been crucial to my life. Lately, I purchased a house, packed most of my belongings, moved out temporarily, sold my condo, and packed some more, all while working 2 jobs and trying to take care of my family. Oh and I’m working on losing a few pounds so that I can fit into my best woman dress (for my best friend’s upcoming wedding). See below for a sample menu of one week’s worth of meals.

Use this EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION CODE to get $25 off your first order of cleanalison$25

Expires Aug 31, 2018

Also, be sure to check out Clean Meals’ Project End Hunger! They are delivering healthy meals to homeless and less fortunate people in Toronto and the GTA! For as low as $50 you can provide 10 meals for 10 people! See details on how you can help here. #PROJECTENDHUNGER

Clean Meals offers weekly or monthly subscriptions. The price per meal is approximately $11 CAD and depends on if you choose a weekly or monthly subscription. You can choose from Clean Health menu (which has meat protein in every meal) or Clean Vegan menu (which has vegan meals). [On a side note, I tried one of the vegan meals, and it was so delicious that I didn’t miss the meat! I was very surprised.]

BREAKING NEWS: As of July 23, a total of 12 menu options will be available per menu (Clean Health and Clean Vegan menus) and customers will be able to choose whichever meals in whatever combination they’d like! So you can eat something different every single meal, or you can eat the same item every single day.

One week comes with a total of 10 meals, so that you can have lunch and dinner on work days and still go out to eat. Here is an example of what I received for one week (5 different varieties, 2 individual meals of each).

Sample Menu for One Week

One thing that most of the meals have in common is that the vegetable sides are often tossed in vinegar. I find this to be a healthy and low-calorie way to add flavour, but I wanted to point this out, in case you don’t like acidic foods. The vegetables that were commonly used for this week included carrots, beans, broccoli, and cauliflower. One meal came with sweet potato fries! That was a really nice treat.

Whole-wheat lasagna with lean ground turkey, eggplant + side of vegetable (not shown) Whole-wheat bun turkey burger with sweet potato fries and veg. Pesto whole wheat pasta with chicken + side veggies Roast beef with mashed potato and side of broccoli & cauliflower Lemon-garlic salmon with Brown rice + side of vegetables


Lemon-Garlic Salmon with Brown Rice + Side of Vegetables


I was very surprised by how well the salmon was cooked (it was still pink in the middle even after I re-heated it) and I couldn’t believe how large the portion was! I had to finish the salmon over 2 meals and I normally eat a lot!


Pesto Whole Wheat Pasta with Chicken and Side Veggies


I really liked the pasta in this dish, and I couldn’t tell that it was whole wheat. It is softer than al dente, but that’s how I like my pasta.


Roast Beef with Mashed Potato and Side of Broccoli & Cauliflower


I couldn’t believe it when the roast beef came perfectly rare! Even after I re-heated it! This was such a huge surprise and it was greatly appreciated! It was also a really great cut of meat; it was lean but tender. I also really liked the cauliflower.


Whole-Wheat Bun Turkey Burger with Sweet Potato Fries and Veg

Besides having perfectly cooked salmon and beef, the biggest surprise and treat was having sweet potato fries in one of the meals! They were great! And the turkey burger was nicely seasoned. I have to admit that I cheated and added some mayonnaise. But then it was perfect.




Use this EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION CODE to get $25 off your first order of cleanalison$25

Expires Aug 31, 2018

If you’re worried about the commitment to a subscription, call Clean Meals or go online to your Clean Meals account and cancel the subscription at any time. You won’t be charged for the upcoming weeks/months worth of food as long as you cancel by Tuesday of the preceding week. Their customer service is Very responsive!

Happy Clean Eating!!!


Thank you very much to Clean Meals and Sheek PR for the collaboration!








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