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Exclusive Deal for Clean Meals Subscription (Healthy Meals Delivered to Your Door within Ontario, Canada)

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I’m excited to share an exclusive Cooking with Alison discount code for! Clean Meals is a subscription service that delivers fresh, healthy, and pre-cooked, meals from Ottawa to Windsor, Ontario. (Service to Quebec is in the works!) The menu changes every week and they work for dietary restrictions (e.g. vegan, halal, etc.). This is the perfect gift for someone that has just had a baby, someone that’s too busy to cook, people with difficulties getting groceries and/or cooking, and whole families that want to live well. The individual meals contain a protein (vegan options available) and at least one side (e.g. vegetables, rice, whole-wheat grains). They come vacuum sealed and just need to be microwaved for a minute and a half before eating/serving. The meals are full of fibre, so if you eat mindfully, they are definitely filling.

Clean Meals has been crucial to my life. Lately, I purchased a house, packed most of my belongings, moved out temporarily, sold my condo, and packed some more, all while working 2 jobs and trying to take care of my family. Oh and I’m working on losing a few pounds so that I can fit into my best woman dress (for my best friend’s upcoming wedding). See below for a sample menu of one week’s worth of meals.

Use this EXCLUSIVE PROMOTION CODE to get $25 off your first order of cleanalison$25

Expires Aug 31, 2018

Also, be sure to check out Clean Meals’ Project End Hunger! They are delivering healthy meals to homeless and less fortunate people in Toronto and the GTA! For as low as $50 you can provide 10 meals for 10 people! See details on how you can help here. #PROJECTENDHUNGER


Curry Goat or Mutton Recipe, courtesy of Uncle Joe’s Jerk

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Marc Mclean of Uncle Joe’s Jerk was kind enough to share his Jamaican curry mutton or goat recipe with us! Uncle Joe’s Jerk serves Jamaican food at the Well Street Market in Hackney East London, England every Saturday from 10:30 am to 4 pm. Uncle Joe’s Jerk adds a modern twist to authentic Jamaican recipes that have been passed down in the family. All of the dishes are made from scratch using natural ingredients. Be sure to try their Jerk Chicken, which is seasoned with sweet and savoury spices and a delicious fruit infused sauce that is one of a kind – a mixture of old school Jamaica and sunny Los Angeles, while cooked by a Londoner. Follow them on Instagram (@joesjerk) for their latest updates!

Toronto’s Best Coffee Competition at the Coffee and Tea Expo (and an Interview with Barista Brian)

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Toronto Coffee & Tea Expo

Toronto’s first annual Coffee & Tea Expo will be held this weekend, April 8-9, 2017! It will take place at The Glass Factory, 99 Sudbury Street. I LOVE coffee and sample it everywhere I go, so I’m sure you can imagine how excited I will be to attend the event and provide social media coverage! Be sure to follow me on social media (details here) and check out my Introduction to Coffee Tasting.

At the expo, you’ll be able to try free drink samples, purchase coffee beans and tea leaves, experience the culture and new trends, and learn new recipes, tips, and tricks. I am most excited for the Best Coffee Competition! I was lucky enough to have a chance to interview one of the judges, Barista Brian, prior to the event. At the event, you will also meet other coffee and tea lovers, baristas, roasters, sommeliers, blenders, distributors and retail stores.

If you purchase your tickets online, you will get a 25% discount! See here. Tickets are already starting to sell out!

Photo of Barista Brian from his Instagram page (@baristabrian). Provided by and used with permission from Toronto Coffee & Tea Expo.

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