Cooking with Alison


Awards, Recognition, and Publications


109TM Fashion and Living Magazine

November 2016 issue

Published my article, “Not Your Typical Pie Recipes”.

Garlic Breath Competition – 1st Place

On Sunday, September 18, 2016, I attended the Toronto Garlic Festival and won first place in their Garlic Breath Competition!

An OralChroma gas chromatograph is used to measure three crucial garlic elements in contestants’ breath samples – Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Methanethiol, and Dimethyl Sulphide in the parts-per-billion. My reading was 457 ppb. A gif of me providing a sample can be found on the Cooking with Alison facebook page.

My Trending Stories

In July, 2016, My Trending Stories invited me to be one of their writers. I plan to write about all sorts of lifestyle topics, including food, relationships, money, pets, science, make-up, etc. If you’d like to learn more about me, check out my profile: Alison F.

109TM Fashion and Living Magazine

Summer 2016 issue

Published my article, “Three Must Try Exotic Fruits”.

TAPS Magazine

November/December 2012 issue

TAPS The Beer Magazine published my photo of dulse (see the photo and post here) and referenced this website (see details here).

Gingerbread House Decorating Contest – 1st Place

December 20, 2011

Our (team mates: Erin and Andrea) gingerbread house won first place by popular vote at our company’s contest.  The recipes and instructions are posted here.

Baking Contest – 3rd Place

November 14, 2011

My butter tarts won third place at my sister’s company’s baking contest (a fundraiser for United Way).  The recipe is posted here.

Baking Contest – 1st Place

November 15, 2010

My chocolate bar cheesecake bites won first place at my sister’s company’s baking contest (a fundraiser for United Way).  The recipe is posted here.

Award for Best Review

June 4, 2010

Cooking with Alison won “Best Review” from Marx Foods for the Review of Marx Foods’ Dried Mushrooms!

“Best Mushroom Review: Cooking With Alison’s dried mushroom review was the most thorough and well thought out review” (link here).

Cookie Decorating Contest – 2nd Place

December, 2009

My penguin cookie (link here) won second place at my company’s cookie decorating contest.  It was my first time entering a food-related contest.

  1. Awesome recipe, i’m going to consider it together with my better half this evening. Hope i get it right! Cheers

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