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Il Fornello Restaurant Review

In Reviews on July 20, 2010 at pm

When Ed and I made plans to have dinner at Il Fornello for the first time, I had no intentions of writing a restaurant review.  But I was So disappointed with the food, that I felt I needed to warn other foodies about this popular Toronto chain.

Restaurant Information:

Il Fornello is a very popular restaurant chain with nine locations in Toronto (and the Greater Toronto Area), Ontario, Canada.  They specialize in Italian food and wood oven pizzas.  Ed and I dined at the Richmond Hill location.  The restaurant decor was very nice.  It was elegant and stylish while maintaining a comfortable, casual atmosphere.

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Dining in the Dark (O’NOIR Restaurant Review)

In Reviews on April 22, 2010 at pm

For my last birthday, I received a gift certificate to the O’NOIR Restaurant.  It was the perfect gift because I had been wanting to try it ever since I first heard about the concept of dining in the dark.  I went to the restaurant in Toronto, ON on a Saturday night with Ed and my sister.  It was a wonderful gift, and a very interesting experience that I’m Very grateful for.  We were disappointed in the food and service so I decided to write my first restaurant review.  Please note that I am not a professional and this review is based on my personal opinion and experience only.

Restaurant Info:

O’NOIR is a restaurant that offers the unique experience of dining in the dark.  It started in Europe and O’NOIR can also be found in Australia, L.A., New York and in Montreal and Toronto, Canada.  This is meant to allow people to enjoy their food with heightened senses while gaining a better understanding of what it’s like to be blind.  More interestingly, the wait staff are blind.  (I think it’s absolutely wonderful that these job opportunities have opened up for the visually impaired.  And according to O’NOIR’s website, 5% of their profits are given to local associations that support blind and visually impaired people.)

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