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Mario Batali’s Piastra Cracked During First Use

In Reviews on August 29, 2010 at pm

Mario Batali’s Piastra is an Italian grilling stone made of solid granite.  It is double sided (grill/griddle), although the griddle is what’s used traditionally, and is meant to be used for cooking foods such as seafood and flat breads over a hot grill.

Considering it cost around $50 US, I was extremely disappointed when it broke the first time I used it.  I followed the washing and care instructions carefully and as I was heating it up for the first time, a huge crack appeared that spanned 3/4 of the length.  According to the instruction booklet, if the stone cracks, you are to discontinue use immediately.  I suspect that a hairline crack was already present when I purchased it.  From reading customer reviews, I discovered that this has happened to other people as well.  Sounds like poor quality control to me.  Anyways, I can’t get a refund, but hopefully I can spare someone else the frustration with this product.

  1. Hahah – the Google advert that displayed for me was for a masonry expert.

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