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Menus from the Titanic (First, Second and Third Class)

In Random on October 17, 2010 at am

When Krystal and I were in Halifax, NS, Canada, we went to the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic to see the Halifax explosion and Titanic exhibits.  Both of these exhibits were full of very sad stories.  Halifax was the closest major port to where the Titanic sank.  So this museum has a well recognized collection of artifacts from the tragedy.  The meals that were served on the Titanic are known because menus were recovered from the bodies of victims.  I thought people might be interested in seeing the first, second, and third class menus that were on display in the museum.

First Class Luncheon

Consomme jardiniere, Hodge podge

Fillets of Plaice

Beef steak and kidney pie

Roast Surrey capon

From the Grill

Grilled mutton chops

Mashed, fried, and baked jacket potatoes

Rice pudding

Apples Manhattan, Pastry


Fresh lobsters, Potted shrimps

Soused herrings, Sardines

Roast beef

Round of spiced beef

Virgina and Cumberland ham

Bologna sausage, Brawn

Galantine of chicken

Corned ox tongue

Lettuce, Tomatoes


Cheshire, Stilton, Gorgonzola, Edam, Camembert, Roquefort, St. Ivel

Iced draught Munich Lager Beer


Second Class Dinner

Consomme tapioca

Baked haddock, sharp sauce

Curried chicken and rice

Spring lamb, mint sauce

Roast turkey, cranberry sauce

Green peas, Puree turnips, Boiled rice

Boiled and roast potatoes

Plum pudding

Wine jelly, Coconut sandwich

American ice cream

Nuts assorted

Fresh fruit

Cheese, Biscuits


Third Class Breakfast

Oatmeal porridge and milk

Smoked herrings, Jacket potatoes

Tripe and onions

Fresh bread and butter

Marmalade, Swedish bread

Tea, Coffee


Third Class Dinner

Pea soup

Fresh bread, Cabin biscuits

Ling fish, egg sauce

Hot pot, Potatoes

Stewed apples and rice


Third Class Tea

Pickled cod

Curry and rice

Fresh bread and butter

Swedish bread




Third Class Supper


Cabin biscuits




  1. Thanks Alison, that was interesting. The third class supper sounds nasty.

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