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Have You Tried Ice Cider?

In Reviews on April 10, 2011 at am

During a visit to Montreal, Quebec, Canada, a friend of ours introduced us to the most wonderful dessert  wine – ice cider (cidre de glace).  Canada (Ontario in particular) is very well-known for its ice wine, which is made from frozen grapes, but few seem to know about ice cider, which is made in the Quebec province using frozen apples.  I’ve never liked ice wine, because I find the sweetness to be overwhelming without complexity.  But I love ice cider, because its sweetness is accompanied by a wonderful apple flavour.  I can’t believe that it isn’t more well known!  I’ve only tried the brand Neige.  Although it is close to the affordable end of dessert wines, I have fallen in love with the packaging (shown on the left in the photo above) as well as the taste.  (I will update this post when I try a more expensive brand for comparison.)  If your local liquor store doesn’t carry ice cider, try ordering it online and be sure to pick up a few bottles at a SAQ the next time you’re traveling through Quebec.  Enjoy it ice cold!

  1. Mmmmm! Soooo good! But to sip only in tiny little glasses, and ice cold!
    I consider it a treat…but it’s not for kids, with 13% alcool :o)

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