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GATEAUX bakery and cafe, New Jersey (an excellent Korean bakery)

In Reviews on April 24, 2011 at am

The GATEAUX bakery & cafe is a wonderful Korean bakery in New Jersey.  They have impressively beautiful cakes that are delicately light in texture and flavour.  They are perfect for celebrating any occasion.  I love that they’re not too sweet.  Also, they won’t sit heavily in your stomach like other bakery cakes that are too rich or dense.  Thanks goes out to my cousin for introducing this bakery to us!

GATEAUX bakery & cafe doesn’t have a website at this time.  But here is their contact info:

Address:  877 U.S. 1 Edison, NJ 08817-4676
Tel: (732) 248-5555

The red bean cake is shown below.

The tiramisu cake (with candles) is shown below.


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