Cooking with Alison

Cooking with Alison Published in TAPS Magazine

In Random on November 13, 2012 at pm

I am very excited to announce that Cooking with Alison was referenced in the

November/December 2012 issue of TAPS The Beer Magazine!

TAPS is an international beer publication based out of Toronto, ON.  They’ve published my photo of dulse (see the photo and post here) and referenced this website in their November/December 2012 issue.  Their website also features fantastic-looking recipes for cooking with beer, courtesy of Chef Michael Olson (the husband of the Food Network star, Anna Olson).  Click here to find out where TAPS The Beer Magazine can be purchased.  It is available at many locations across Canada, including breweries, and select Chapters and Indigo locations.

  1. Congratulations Alison!!! This is so exciting!

  2. Hi Alison,
    Hope you haven’t forgotten me, it Dion. My friend Alvin is looking for a new home for his dog and I thought of you.

    “Bowie is a 6year old Australian Shepherd Pure Bred(Similar to a Border Collie). Bowie is a fully trained dog and knows quite a few tricks. Very playfull and loves to fetch. He is a great family dog and loves to play with my 2 and 4year old unfortunately we are having a 3rd child and will find it very difficult to give Bowie the love and attention he deserves while busy with the 3 Toddlers. Please help us find a home for our loving Bowie as he is an amazing dog and deserves an nice home.”

    If you’re interested he is free. His owner is more looking for a good home, not for money.
    You can email me and I can send you a photo and put you in touch with him.

    Hope you had a good holiday season.

    • Hi D, Of course I remember you! I hope you’ve been well! I’m sorry it took me so long to reply! I really hope that you’ve found a home for Bowie! I’m really sorry but I’m not able to take any animals in at this time 😦 I wish I could help. I will keep my ears open for people that are looking to adopt a dog. All the best!

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