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Corn on the Cob Cupcakes

In Cupcakes on January 21, 2010 at am

I saw these on the Martha Stewart website and  decided to make them for a summer bbq with my ultimate frisbee team.  I discovered that buying individual colours of Jelly Belly jelly beans can get Very expensive so I didn’t buy enough to decorate my cupcakes the way I would have wanted to, but I still think they were pretty cute.   For these cupcakes, I tried a vanilla cupcake recipe that used cake flour (my first time working with cake flour) and discovered that I really don’t like the crumbly texture that you get with cake flour, or at least not in cupcakes. Everyone else seemed to really like them though.

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Favourite Carrot Cake Recipe

In Cakes, Cupcakes on January 21, 2010 at am

My mother really likes carrot cake so I tried a few different recipes.  Most of them were too dense or not moist enough or worse, too moist.  I was beginning to lose my appeal for carrot cake until I tried the Silver Palate Cookbook carrot cake recipe.  In my opinion, it’s a really good balance of sweet, dense, moist and depth of flavour.  The frosting is good too.  Time saving tip:  Make a large batch of pureed carrots and freeze 1 1/3 cup portions for future batches of carrot cake or muffins.

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Gumpaste Recipe

In Cake Decorating, Cakes, Cookie Decorating, Cookies, Cupcakes on January 18, 2010 at pm

Gumpaste is used for decorating cakes, cookies, and cupcakes and is actually very easy and cost efficient to make.  I think of it as an edible cake decorating play-doh.  It holds up better than fondant so I use it for decorations that need more structure.  Also, unlike fondant, once gumpaste decorations dry out, you can keep them forever.  I buy tylose online and use the recipe provided by Nicholas Lodge’s isac (international sugar art collection).

Please note that you need a stand mixer to make gumpaste (although I wonder if a food processor would work… let me know how it works out if you try it).  The first time I made gumpaste, I broke my handheld mixer.  I was So Happy when it happened because then I knew that I could finally justify buying myself a Kitchenaid stand mixer.  You see, I try to only purchase kitchen stuff that I absolutely need and I try to be resourceful with my already versatile tools.  Even while sticking to these strict rules, I’ve still managed to accumulate a Lot of kitchen stuff, haha.  In October 2009, I bought the Kitchenaid Professional HD model from Costco for $275 (on sale).  I chose the stainless steel colour because it reminded me of an industrial kitchen.  I absolutely adore it and use it all the time.

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