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AnyLock Reusable Food Storage Bags and Sealers

In Reviews on October 20, 2011 at pm

I am conscious about being environmentally friendly, and I always feel guilty about the number of disposable freezer bags that I use.  You see, most of the time I’m cooking for one, so I make large batches of food, divide them into one or two serving portions, and freeze them.  I try to use tupperware containers as often as I can but they disappear with Ed and my sister, Krystal, for months at a time (I deliver most of the frozen meals to them).  I have already purchased many tupperware containers and I simply don’t have the storage space for more.  Also, freezer bags don’t take up as much space, and freezer space is a hot commodity in my apartment.  So I was very excited to discover AnyLock’s reusable food storage bags and sealers (Slide ‘n Store).  They work better than disposable ziploc bags while reducing waste!  Furthermore, AnyLock’s sealing rods are the best bag closing/sealing product I have ever seen or used.  I’ve shared my detailed review of these products below.  Note that this review is based only on my personal opinions and experience with the product.

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Abeego Reusable Food Wrap Review

In Reviews on March 21, 2010 at pm

When my sister was in Vancouver, Canada for the 2010 Winter Olympics, she brought me back eco-friendly, reusable food wrap.  It was the perfect gift for me, since I always avoid using saran wrap because I think it creates too much waste.  (I’m always using mismatched plates to cover the tops of bowls, which really doesn’t keep the food fresh at all, haha.)  Since this was my first time hearing about this product, I thought I would introduce it and write a review. Note that this is not a professional review and is based on my personal opinion and experience with the product.

Photos below:  Only the Abeego Flats are shown.  Go to to see the Abeego Wraps and Abeego Snacks.

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