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Buying Clothes Just for Cooking

In Random on February 18, 2010 at pm

I bought a shirt today that I only intend on wearing during my lengthy cooking sessions.  This was my first time buying “cooking clothes”.  I usually cook in oversized, food-stained t shirts, but this soft, long sleeved t-shirt has buttons along the arms that allow you to button your sleeves up.  It’s perfect for cooking!  I don’t think this is the beginning of a good thing though…  I never saw this day coming and I feel ridiculous for designating new clothes to cooking.  If this becomes a habit, I’ll have to create a separate category haha.  My only justification is that it was on sale for $9 at The Gap.  Has anyone else done this?  I’d love to hear peoples’ comments about this  🙂

  1. I kept my old chef’s jackets as long as I could. Besides making me look like a tool when standing in front of a home stove, they had the shoulder pockets for thermometers and sharpies, proper sleeves that wouldn’t get in the way, and the material was easy to wash but still protected from heat, spills, and oil “explosions”. If I ever had to enter battle, I’d probably wear a chef’s coat. If you’re interested, there are usually uniform stores in most cities that have them.

  2. Ali, please stop the madness!!!!!!!!
    Buy cloths for that stripper pole you have in the middle of your living room, not for cooking. Cooking clothes only after age of 60. ok??

  3. Good idea joana! Chef’s coat on a stripper pole! Can make comments about basting and the like. Awesome!

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