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Ghee Recipe

In Indian on February 18, 2010 at pm

Ghee is clarified butter that is commonly used in Indian cooking.  In recipes, it can be substituted with oil but ghee makes the food much more flavourful.  It’s Very easy to make at home, but if it’s your first time making it, I’d suggest halving the recipe first because it can burn easily.  See here for tips on how to get the most flavour out of your Indian spices.

Ghee Recipe

2 pounds (8 sticks) unsalted butter

In a heavy bottomed pot, over medium heat, melt the butter.  Do not stir.  Allow all of the water to evaporate out.  Skim the froth off the top and discard.  When the butter stops bubbling, and when the liquid is clear, golden in colour and when the protein on the bottom start to turn brown, remove from heat.  Let cool for 10 minutes and strain through a few layers of cheesecloth into a sterilized glass jar.   Discard the sediments.  Screw on the lid.  When the ghee cools to room temperature, it will be semi solid to solid.  This stores well at room temperature for months.


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