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Miniature Food Display

In DIY and Crafts on March 17, 2010 at pm

For my sister’s birthday one year, I enrolled us in a Beginner’s Miniature Food Display Course where you learn to use specific clays and dyes to make miniature fake food.  In the course that we picked, we learned how to make a miniature black forest cake and miniature dim sum (bbq pork buns, siu mai and ha gow in a bamboo steamer).  We had a great time and if you search for “miniature food” on, you’ll see some amazing things that other people have done.

Note that the black forest cake is sitting on a miniature doile  🙂  and the cake box is even smaller than the bamboo basket.

  1. This is so cool Alison!!!

  2. Wow! There’s actually a class for that! How fun!

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