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A Simple Way to Cool and Remove a Baked Tart From the Pan

In How-To, Pies & Tarts on February 22, 2011 at am

I learned this great tip from Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food magazine.  Unfortunately, it only works on tart pans with a removable bottom.  This single [simple] move will allow you to:  1. easily and safely remove a hot, baked tart from its pan; 2. cool your tart faster; and 3. prevent the crust from being over baked.  Simply turn a flat bottomed, heatproof bowl upside down and set the tart pan on the bottom (now pointing upwards) of that bowl.  See the photo below of my cranberry walnut tart cooling.

Photos below are of the cranberry walnut tart that I made.  The recipe has not been provided because although Ed really liked the tart, I thought it was only “okay”.

  1. […] cool completely on a wire rack so that the filling sets.  Gently remove the tart from the pan (see here for an easy way to remove a tart from a tart pan).  Serve as is or dust with icing sugar just […]

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