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How to Make Apple Cider

In Drinks, How-To on December 16, 2011 at pm

I love apple cider and spiced hot apple cider.  I’ve tried many different brands and the best apple cider I’ve ever had was homemade.  Ed loved it too, and he’s usually indifferent when it comes to apple cider.  This is an easy recipe for apple cider or spiced apple cider that can be served hot or cold.  If desired, you could make this an alcoholic drink.

Apple Cider Recipe

makes 3 to 4 cups; adapted from here

approx. 4 lbs of apples (Note:  You could use any type of apple you like or use a variety of apples.  I recommend using the types of apples that you would bake with.  Most importantly, smell the uncut apples and if they smell the way you want your cider to taste, then you’ve found a good type/batch.)

Optional:  small pinch of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove (or more to taste; I like my spices to be very subtle in my apple cider)

Clean your apples well under running water and remove the stems.  Chop each apple into 8 chunks and using the metal blade in a food processor, puree the apples until they are the consistency of apple sauce.  You may need to do this in batches.  Then place a fine mesh strainer over a pot and line your strainer with a very large piece of cheese cloth folded into no less than 4 layers (the cider in the photo shown above was made with only 2 layers, so it was a bit thick and a tiny bit gritty but it was still delicious).  Use 6 layers or more if you want a “cleaner” and thinner cider.  Working in batches, pour the apple mixture into the cheesecloth.  Pull up all edges of the cheesecloth and twist the opening closed tightly to completely encase the apple mixture.  Then keep twisting the cheesecloth tighter and tighter while squeezing to get the apple juice out of the pureed apples.  You may need to use new cheesecloth in between batches of apple mixture.  Discard the remaining apple mixture.  If you are planning to enjoy your apple cider unspiced and cold, then bring the mixture to a boil in the pot over medium high heat and then cool thoroughly before chilling through in the refrigerator.  Note that my apples were beautifully sweet so I didn’t need to add any sugar (it was perfect).  You could add sugar to taste if desired.  If you are planning on making mulled or spiced apple cider, then add a small pinch (or to taste) of ground cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg.  Then bring the cider to a boil in the pot over medium high heat and serve hot.

  1. Thank you for the Christmas Cheer. I love the mulled cider. For me the season would not be the same without that.

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