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Baked Brie and Apricot Jam Crostini

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I served warm brie and apricot jam crostini at my dad’s 60th birthday party and they were a huge hit.  Switch things up a bit by using a different flavoured jam or fruit butter.  For example, peach jam would have the same beautiful orange colour, any berry jam would work beautifully, blackcurrant jam would be amazing, apple butter would be comforting in the fall, and cranberry sauce (see recipe here) would be perfect for the winter holidays.  These are incredibly easy to make for a large crowd.  The key to making these delicious is using the perfect ratio of jam to brie cheese.  Don’t hold back with the jam, as it’ll make your crostini look prettier too.



Baked Brie and Apricot Jam Crostini Recipe

1 or more freshly baked French baguette(s)

1 extra large wheel of high quality brie cheese  (Note:  I used a very large wheel of double cream brie that I found at Costco.  It is important that you use a larger wheel of brie, so that you can 1. cover almost the entire slice of bread with each wedge of cheese, and 2. balance out the sweetness of the jam, because you’re going to be using a lot of jam.)

apricot jam  (Note:  I used E.D. Smith’s apricot jam which also includes peaches and passion fruit.  It was delicious.  Feel free to substitute the apricot jam for peach jam, any berry jam, blackcurrant jam, apple butter, or cranberry sauce, etc.)

Use a sharp serrated bread knife to slice the baguette diagonally into 1/3 inch thick slices.  Place the bread slices, in a single layer, on a parchment paper or silpat mat lined baking sheet.  Then use a knife to spread some jam onto each slice of bread.  Be sure to use enough jam to achieve a thick layer that completely covers the face of each bread slice.  I used at least one heaping tablespoon of jam per baguette slice.  It may seem like a lot, but it’s better to have too much jam than not enough in this case, because you want the fruity jam to be prominent against the rich and creamy cheese.  Working with one slice of cheese at a time, cut the wheel of brie into a wedge that is up to 1/3 inch thick at the thickest part and place it, cut side down, on top of a jam covered baguette slice.  Ideally, the flat side of the cheese slice will cover most of the baguette slice.  Repeat until all of your slices of baguette have been topped with jam and brie.  These can be made ahead and kept at room temperature for a few hours.  Cover the crostini with syran wrap until almost ready to serve.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F and set the rack in the middle of the oven.  Bake the crostini in the preheated oven until the cheese is melted, 7 – 11 minutes, depending on the starting temperature and the thickness of the cheese.  Transfer the crostini to a serving plate and serve warm.

  1. I have no words. They are super tempting 😛

  2. I just posted a version of Brie en Croute on my blog,Allison, but it never occurred to me to do it open-faced! Just lovely!

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